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Everything Else
We have a number of items that don't fit neatly into our other categories and you can find them in this gallery. Many of these things are one-of-a-kind. Often when we come up with something new we see how it goes over on our web site and at craft shows before deciding whether or not to make more. Long story short - if you see something here you like, contact us soon before it's gone - we might not make another!

record album coasters Record Album Coaster Sets
The album covers left over when we make our smooth record bowls are cut up and made into coaster sets. Check out our ever-changing list of coaster sets available!
recycled paper cards Handmade Recycled Paper Cards
Paper used to make these cards comes from office paper, junk mail, wrapping paper, phone books, maps, and other kinds of discarded paper. Each card includes an original photograph on the front.