Handmade Recycled Paper Cards

Each of these cards is made with a piece of handmade paper made from junk mail, old maps, phone books, and other types of paper. Inside there is a piece of white paper to write your message. The front of each card features one of our original photographs.

All of our recycled cards are truly unique, so those pictured on this page are intended to be more examples of what we have. Cards are $4 each, three for $10, or five for $15. If you'd like to order, contact us to let us know what colors or photos you're interested in and we can tell you what we have.

Click on any of the photos below for a larger view. On the large photo, click the arrow button on the bottom righthand side to "flip" the photo and see more details or click the large photo again to return to the thumbnails.

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We're often asked if someone can give us a record to form into a bowl. The answer is yes, but... Sometimes, the vinyl doesn't quite melt as expected and ends up tearing or forming wrong, so we wouldn't want to try making a bowl from a prized album. There is no additional cost for a custom request, but please allow at least a week turnaround time.