Smooth Record Bowls

Smooth Record BowlThese record bowls are made from old vinyl LP (33 1/3) albums. The bowls are all hand formed so that they are smooth on the sides. Smooth record bowls are great for candy dishes, potpourri, loose change, and other small items. They are also a great starting point for gift baskets for music lovers. Although not recommended for direct contact with food, the inside label and spindle hole are sealed with a clear polymer coating, so they could be used as popcorn or chip bowls if you clean them sufficiently and use a paper liner. The outside label is sealed with decoupage sealant.

Below is a small selection of some of the bowls we currently have - hover your mouse over any of the thumbnail photos below to see a larger view of the label on the inside of the bowl. Many of our bowls do not get posted online - if you have a favorite band or album, contact us to see if we have a specific record available.

Click on any of the photos below for a larger view. On the large photo, click the arrow button on the bottom righthand side to "flip" the photo and see more details or click the large photo again to return to the thumbnails. If you are interested in purchasing any of these smooth record bowls, visit our ordering page.

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We're often asked if someone can give us a record to form into a bowl. The answer is yes, but... Sometimes, the vinyl doesn't quite melt as expected and ends up tearing or forming wrong, so we wouldn't want to try making a bowl from a prized album. There is no additional cost for a custom request, but please allow at least a week turnaround time.