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About Us

Hunzeker Frameables is a family business based in Lincoln, Nebraska that was formed in April, 2005. The "frameable" part of the name comes from our original focus of photography and other frameable artwork. Although photography-related items still remain among the many items we offer, we also sell a wide variety of other products including jewelry, yard art, and more.

Many of our items are "green" (sometimes referred to as upcycled) made with recycled materials. Our items are available for sale through our site, at our store, Penguin Pit Stop, arts & craft shows around southeast Nebraska, and at other retail locations. By using recycled materials for many of our products, most are truly one-of-a-kind. If you have special requests or would like customized items, please contact us. Most custom orders can be completed and delivered in a very short time frame. We are always willing to customize or adjust jewelry at our booth at craft shows.

GROW Nebraska LogoHunzeker Frameables is a proud member of GROW Nebraska whose mission is to support Nebraska-based small businesses. Our items can be found at the GROW Nebraska stores, special events, and online at We encourage you to support GROW Nebraska and the many fine businesses they represent.

A Little Family History (in reverse)...

Alexis Hunzeker was born in January 2009. Shortly thereafter, Marsha (Bradley) Hunzeker decided to be a stay-at-home mom and at the same time devote more time to grow Hunzeker Frameables. Marsha creates handmade jewelry featuring a wide variety of materials. Some of her most popular items are jewelry made from recycled cd pieces. Marsha continues to develop new jewelry products from recycled materials. She also handles the day-to-day operations of Hunzeker Frameables.

Marsha Bradley and Scott Hunzeker were married in July 2001. Scott, son of Bruce and Ruth, fell in love with black and white photography as a high school student. He honed his photo skills by taking photo classes in college and shooting "party pics" and portraits for a local photographer. With several photo awards to his credit, Scott now photographs a variety of subjects. He also makes the record bowls that Hunzeker Frameables sells.

Bruce Hunzeker, father of Scott, shares an interest in photography with his kids and sister. However, he comes from a technical point of view, through his work as a business manager and experience with photo and printing equipment. With a MA in Business Administration and much involvement and experience in professional printing, Bruce is a qualified judge of print quality. Bruce has also "inherited" a love of birds, gardening, camping and fishing from his folks. He and wife, Ruth, have shared these interests for 30 years and have enjoyed decorating and landscaping their own yard. Be sure to check out the bird feeders, wind chimes, and other yard art that Bruce creates.

Vicki Hunzeker, sister of Bruce, has been exposed to the arts, crafts and creativity of her parents and aunts for as long as she can remember. It was no surprise when she began teaching art and photography 30 years ago, earning an MFA in Curriculum and Instruction along the way. With several awards to her credit, Vicki has worked on numerous art-related projects and has advocated for fine arts education in the public schools as she has worked to improve education, in general. In addition, she is active in several professional organizations. Vicki enjoys working in a variety of media, especially photography, carving, painting, pyrography, fibers and jewelry. Her favorite, however, is to mix media and textures in a collage or wall art as she likes to personalize art for the viewer.

Lorain and Lucile Hunzeker (Zeke and Cile) were talented parents of Bruce and Vicki who instilled a sense of adventure and love for art in their children and grandchildren. Zeke could fix anything. The saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention." was written for him. Zeke's workshop was stuffed with all kinds of "parts," materials and tools so he could fashion or build whatever he or someone else needed at the drop of a hat. He and his brothers applied for several copy rights on their inventions and Zeke continued to invent and fix things throughout his life.

Lucile's mother was probably the source of her creativity. Ruby raised six children in a four-room house, yet, she painted and played the piano. Lucile's brothers pursued wood working as a hobby and she and her sisters tried everything from plaster crafts, to fiber art, to cake decorating, pottery, sewing, crochet, flower arranging and embossing copper. Upon retirement, Lucile began painting in oils and acrylic. She started with tole painting and then advanced to develop her own style on canvas.